Who are the Commissioners?

The five commissioners are appointed by the governor. They can serve for two four-year terms. If you would like to contact the commissioners please use the form on our contact web page here.


David Barringer: 

David has been Commission Chair since 2018

Appointed: January 1, 2014
Term Expires: December 31, 2021

Experience: David retired from the Bonneville Power Administration after 30 years. He worked mainly in the Finance Office, where he analyzed the repayment of bonds, developed capital budgets and coordinated the preparation of the agency’s budget, with a focus on aligning agency policy and spending decisions. He also worked in the Office of General Counsel, where he worked on financial issues, including appropriations law. He is currently an adjunct professor at the Lewis and Clark Law School.

Reason joined Commission: “The scarcity of financial resources requires that to maximize their effective use. Careful planning and thoughtful budgeting must always be employed for large organizations as well as individual households. My career was focused on this principle and I am honored to be able to focus my attention and experience to assist the local governments of Multnomah County in facing the challenges and opportunities regarding the prudent use of taxpayer provided funds. My goal is to help ensure that the municipal governments excel at linking policy choices with spending decisions. ”

Margo Norton:

Appointed: January 1, 2016
Term Expires: December 31, 2023

Experience: Margo retired from a 30 year career in government finance and public policy.  She has worked at local, state and regional government levels in Oregon, retiring as CFO at Metro, the regional government, in 2013. In her early career she worked as a facility administrator at a nonprofit serving developmentally disabled children and adults in Eugene, an experience that encouraged her to serve as a board member for other nonprofits throughout her working career. In retirement she currently serves on the board of the Portland Revels, a community arts organization. She is a member of the Conductor’s Society for the Oregon Bach Festival at the University of Oregon, and, on balance, a long-time supporter of the Marine Mammal program at Oregon State University.

Reason joined Commission: “Joining the Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission allows me to use a career’s worth of knowledge about municipal finance, budgeting and policy making in public service to my neighbors, my friends and citizens I have yet to meet. The TSCC provides additional accountability that strengthens individual units of government and education, promotes collaboration among government service providers, and brings a higher value to tax payers in Multnomah County.”

James Ofsink:

Appointed: January 1, 2016
Term Expires: December 31, 2023

Experience: James is a systems analyst and project manager in the Information Technology Group at Oregon Health & Science University and a career public servant. Prior to OHSU, James served as Assistant Director of the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships at Portland State University. As part of his portfolio at PSU James was responsible for the management of over $250M in federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Outside of work, James practices extreme civics—serving on the board of the League of Women Voters of Portland, leading committees at City Club and the League of Women Voters of Oregon and helping wherever possible at Common Cause, the Oregon Center for Human Rights, and Hack Oregon.

Reason joined Commission: “I care deeply about the continued success of our public systems. We live in an amazing region, which we owe in no small part to the forward thinking and participatory policies of decision makers a generation ago. I hope that as part of the TSCC I can help bridge the gap between the perspectives of citizens and public executives. I believe the Commission can assist today’s leaders in managing our natural, intellectual, and cultural capital for today’s citizens as well as tomorrow’s.”

Mark Wubbold:

Appointed: November 16, 2016
Term Expires: December 31, 2021

Experience: Mark currently serves as the Senior Policy Analyst in the office of the President at Portland State University. His eclectic portfolio includes preparing testimony for legislative policy packets, as well as staffing Presidential initiatives — such as strategic planning and accreditation — with campus-wide implications. Previous to this, he was the special assistant to PSU’s Vice President for Finance and Administration where he worked on fiscal management issues and special projects. One of these, the Financial Futures Task Force, aligned perfectly with the interests of the TCSS, since it led to PSU’s adoption of Performance Based Budgeting.

Reason joined Commission: “TSCC service is consistent with my personal belief that budgets reflect the values of our institutions. How an organization prioritizes the allocation of scarce public resources is a window into its institutional soul. Service on a commission of this type is a wonderful way to better understand and appreciate the relationship between Multnomah County institutions, their values, and the people they serve. For a curious, community oriented person, TSCC service is an opportunity that is hard to pass up.”

Harmony Quiroz:

Appointed: January 1, 2020
Term Expires: December 31, 2021

Experience: Harmony Quiroz is a professional educator with more than 15 years of experience as a teacher, curriculum and assessment developer, and project manager. She began her career as a middle school math and science teacher in New York City in 2004. She holds a Washington State Teaching License in Secondary Science. Harmony is currently a Senior Assessment Specialist with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. She served as the Co-Chair of the Portland Public Schools Community Budget Review Committee from 2016-2019. Harmony is also a member of the Atkinson Elementary Parent Teacher Association.

Reason joined Commission: I strongly believe in the importance of public service – that it is the responsibility of all individuals in a community to engage in government. Joining the TSCC offers the opportunity to connect the needs and interests of taxpayers with the government officials implementing all of the activities in Multnomah County. I want to ensure that governments and agencies are spending money in ways that are reflective of the diverse perspectives in our community.


Craig L. Gibons, Executive Director

Employed with the Commission since: June 2013

Craig oversees the daily operations of the Commission. He has over 30 years of experience in state and local government. He graduated with a bachelors degree in History from the University of Oregon. His career has included work in accounting, financial analysis, risk management, labor relations, capital project management, and property management. Since 2004, he has focused on municipal finance, serving as Finance Director for the cities of Talent, Coburg, and Sherwood.

Tunie Betschart, Budget Analyst

Employed with the Commission since: September, 2004

Tunie’s primary responsibility is the day to day operation of the office. She also takes a lead role in getting TSCC’s Annual Report ready for printing. Tunie reviews budgets for compliance with local budget law and prepares reviews for the Commission. She also reviews annual audits of the districts as submitted by independent accountants. Tunie spent 20 years as an administrative assistant with the Maintenance Department at PGE’s Trojan Nuclear Power Plant.