TSCC Action

TSCC has concluded the hearings for the two property tax measures on May Ballot.

Mt. Hood Community College has a $75 million bond measure on the ballot (26-190). TSCC’s review of the measure is here and the minutes from the hearing are here.

Portland Public Schools has a $790 million bond measure on the May ballot (26-193). The TSCC review of the measure is here and the minutes of the hearing are here.

TriMet Budget Hearing Scheduled

TSCC will hold a hearing on TriMet’s 2017-18 budget on Wednesday, April 26 at 8:00 am. The hearing will be held just prior to the district’s regular monthly meeting. It will be held at the University of Oregon facility in the White Stag Building, 70 NW Couch Street, Room 142-144. Public testimony will be taken at this meeting. Here is a link to the TSCC review of the district’s budget.

TSCC commissioners will be asking the following questions of TriMet Directors and staff.


  1. The new HOP Fastpass electronic fare system is anticipated to go live in July. Will this happen on time and on budget? How is the testing going, and are there any lessons learned or things you would do differently?


  1. Will the HOP Fastpass capping result in lost revenue?


  1. What is the status of discussions about a Low Income Fare program; how would this program be funded? How will this program interact with the new Fare Procedures policy?


  1. TriMet’s unrestricted fund balance has been more than 30% of operating expenses for the last three years. That is a high percentage in our experience. Why does TriMet maintain the unrestricted fund balance at this level?


  1. TriMet is committed to improving the On-Time Performance of the buses, MAX and WES. Can you report on the progress of this commitment; what has been implemented, how progress is measured, and what are the plans for the future?


  1. We have heard Seattle and San Francisco offer very attractive wage and benefits packages. With the current job market favoring job seekers is it difficult to attract and maintain qualified technical people since TriMet has pared back the non-represented employees’ benefit package?


  1. The ATU collective bargaining agreement expired November 30, 2016. How are negotiations progressing and is there an expected timeline for reaching an agreement?


  1. How much will it cost to relocate the TriMet Transit Police Station? How will the relocation be funded? Will it cost less, more or the same to operate in the new location?


  1. With the new administration in Washington DC, more than the usual amount of uncertainty surrounds federal funds. We assume that committed federal funding will not be affected, but what about projects in the planning stages, such as the Southwest Corridor project?



Please contact TSCC Executive Director Craig Gibons at 503 988 4131  or craig.gibons@multco.us if you have any questions about this meeting.