In this June 2015 photo the Commissioners and Staff are being presented with a section of the PDX Carpet by the Port's Executive Director.

In this June 2015 photo the Port of Portland’s Executive Director is presenting the TSCC Commissioners and staff with a section of the retired PDX carpet.

TSCC Announces Commissioner Recruitment

The Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission is recruiting for a new Commissioner.

TSCC is an independent, impartial panel of five citizen volunteers established by the legislature in 1919 to monitor the financial affairs of local governments in Multnomah County. The Commission will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary.

The TSCC Commissioners come from a variety of professional backgrounds, but they all share an avid interest in and curiosity about local government and k-12/CC education activities. The Commission meets about 20 times a year and most meetings are Commission-conducted public hearings on local government budgets and property tax measures.

Commissioners must be Multnomah County residents.

Commissioners are appointed by the Governor to serve four year terms. The application materials are located on the Governor’s Web Site.

The goal of the recruitment is to have the new Commissioner join in late September in time for the October 2016 Property Tax Ballot Measure Hearings.

The positions are voluntary and uncompensated. The Governor’s Office requires all appointees to attend training on their service.

While the Governor makes the appointment, TSCC recruits and encourages applicants. The Commission is seeking a new member who will expand professional expertise of the current Commission. Someone with a background in project management, engineering, infrastructure development, or facilities management would provide a good compliment to the current commissioners. Prior government service is not required.

Regardless of this preference, any Multnomah County resident that is interested in local government and k-12/CC education is a good commissioner candidate. For more information, explore our website or contact Craig Gibons, Executive Director of the Commission, 503 988-4131 or