The Portland Children’s Levy

Ballot Measure 26-197

May 15 Special Election


The City of Portland has filed a ballot measure for the May 15th Special Election.

The purpose of the Ballot Measure is to renew the Portland Children’s Levy Local Option Levy.

The Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing on the Measure on Wednesday, March 7th, in the Pettygrove Room at Portland City Hall at 1:00.  TSCC will take public comment on the Measure at this hearing and ask questions of City Officials about the Measure. This is a property tax measure that will affect all property owners within the City of Portland.

Measure Summary: Renews the Portland Children’s Levy at current rate; supports proven programs preventing childhood hunger, preventing child abuse and neglect, helping children arrive at school ready to learn, providing safe constructive after-school alternatives for kids, and helping foster children succeed.

For TSCC’s analysis of the measure, click here.  If you have questions about the Measure, please contact Craig Gibons, TSCC Executive Director, at or 503 988-4131.


The 2017-18 TSCC Annual Report

The Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission’s 2017-18 Annual Report is now available. The Commission has published this report annually since 1921. This is volume 97.

The report is unique to the state of Oregon: Multnomah County is the only county in the state to produce such a comprehensive report on local government and educational district finances. TSCC, the entity that creates the report, is a state function, however, independent of the county and governed by five commissioners appointed by the Governor.

The report contains budget, property tax, and debt information on forty-one jurisdictions principally located in Multnomah County. The jurisdictions range in size from small water districts with no employees and fewer than 100 customers, to the City of Portland, with a $4 billion budget and over 5,600 employees.

We post the report on the TSCC web site in easy-to-use FlipViewer format here.  Users can search it and download it. It can be annotated, highlighted, bookmarked, converted to PDF, and copied. If you would like a hard copy of the report, we can send that to you, too.

We welcome your feedback and questions. Please contact TSCC at  or 503 988-4131.


2018 TSCC Budget Training Presentations


Here is a link to this year’s training presentations.



Finance Officers Group [FOG] Quarterly Meeting

Monday, March 19, 2:00 PM

West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

2701 NW Vaughn St # 452 (Montgomery Park Building)

Hosted by Michele Levis, Finance Director and Jim Cathcart, District Manager

Subject Matter: Outreach to Under Served Communities

  • Speaker TBA

Register Here

Local government initiatives in equity, diversity, and outreach to under served communities generate questions at virtually every TSCC Budget and Tax Measure Hearing.  Every TSCC client devotes resources to these issues.  At this meeting we will explore effective use of resources in this area.